Friday, 25 May 2012

#SaveOurBuzzards - Update

I spent most of yesterday trying to help #SaveOurBuzzards. Here is what I achieved and found out:

  • The initial DEFRA project tender can be found here
  • Research by the Game & Wildlife Conservation Trust, that seems to refute game-keepers claims, can be found here
  • DEFRA respond with this news post
  • A blog post by Mark Avery can be found here. Some very interesting comments
  • I urge you to sign the e-petition that can be found here
  • I sent a tweet to my MP, James Gray, asking for him to pass on my displeasure to DEFRA. To my surprise he tweeted back within an hour stating that he would write to DEFRA on my behalf. Needless to say I was very impressed with this. I urge you to do the same
  • The campaign has been given the twitter tag #SaveOurBuzzards. This is an attempt to get the campaign trending and reach more people.
  • I have started a petition on the HM Government e-petition website, however it still has to be checked and is not yet live. Other people may well have done this also
More to follow as and when necessary. Thanks.

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