Site Species List - Birds

This is the current species list for which I have been supplied records, not necessarily seen by me. Please bear in mind that this list is for the OS grid square SU0267 and the surrounding eight 1km squares, and also that I have only been compiling this over the last six months on an ad-hoc basis. Other species have been seen, and will be added when either I, or someone else, records them.
Please also see my 2013 species list for the Patchwork Challenge.

Mute Swan Cygnus olor
Mallard Anus carolinensis 
Red-legged Partridge Alectoris rufa
Grey Partridge Perdix perdix
Common Quail Coturnix coturnix
Common Pheasant Phasianus colchicus
Great Cormorant Phalacrocorax carbo
Grey Heron Ardea cinerea 
Little Grebe Tachybaptus ruficollis
Red Kite Milvus milvus
Eurasian Sparrowhawk Accipiter nisus
Common Buzzard Buteo buteo
Common Kestrel Falco tinnunculus
Merlin Falco columbarius
Peregrine Falcon Falco peregrinus 
Common Moorhen Gallinula chloropus
Eurasian Coot Fulica atra
Northern Lapwing Vanellus vanellus
Lesser Black-backed Gull Larus fuscus
Herring Gull Larus argentatus
Feral Rock Dove Columba livia
Stock Dove Columba oenas
Wood Pigeon Columba palumbus 
Collared Dove Streptopelia decaocto
Turtle Dove Streptopelia turtur
Common Cuckoo Cuculus canorus
Barn Owl Tyto alba
Little Owl Athene noctua
Common Swift Apus apus
Green Woodpecker Picus viridis
Great Spotted Woodpecker Dendrocopos major
Magpie Pica pica
Eurasian Jay Garrulus glandarius
Western Jackdaw Corvus monedula
Rook Corvus frugilegus
Carrion Crow Corvus corone
Common Raven Corvus corax
Goldcrest Regulus regulus
Blue Tit Cyanistes caeruleus
Great Tit Parus major
Willow Tit Poecile montana
Marsh Tit Poecile palustris
Long-tailed Tit Aegithalos caudatus

Skylark Alauda arvensis
Barn Swallow Hirundo rustica
House Martin Delichon urbicum
Blackcap Sylvia atricapilla
Garden Warbler Sylvia borin
Common Whitethroat Sylvia communis
Common Chiffchaff Phylloscopus collybita
Willow Warbler Phylloscopus trochilus
Eurasian Treecreeper Certhia familiaris
Wren Troglodytes troglodytes
Common Starling Sturnus vulgaris
Ring Ouzel Turdus torquatus
Blackbird Turdus merula
Fieldfare Turdus pilaris
Song Thrush Turdus philomelos
Redwing Turdus iliacus
Mistle Thrush Turdus viscivorus
Robin Erithacus rubecula
Common Redstart Phoenicurus phoenicurus
Common Stonechat Saxicola torquatus
Northern Wheatear Oenanthe oenanthe
Spotted Flycatcher Muscicapa striata

Dunnock Prunella modularis
House Sparrow Passer domesticus
Tree Sparrow Passer montanus
Yellow Wagtail Motacilla flava A
White Wagtail/Pied Wagtail Motacilla alba
Tree Pipit Anthus trivialis
Meadow Pipit Anthus pratensis
Common Chaffinch Fringilla coelebs
Brambling Fringilla montifringilla
Greenfinch Carduelis chloris
Goldfinch Carduelis carduelis
Linnet Carduelis cannabina
Bullfinch Pyrrhula pyrrhula
Yellowhammer Emberiza citrinella
Corn Bunting Emberiza calandra

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